Turkish citizenship qualifications

مؤهلات الجنسية التركية

A foreign citizen may apply for Turkish citizenship, He is in the territory of Turkey, If he possesses a set of qualifications for obtaining citizenship.

Qualifications for obtaining Turkish citizenship

If it fulfills all of the following conditions;

  1. The applicant must be of majority age or can apply through legal seniors.
  2. To be residing within the territory of the State of Turkey, for up to five years without any interruption.
  3. The applicant must have documents proving the purpose of residence in Turkey; You can check out the purposes below:

Own real estate in Turkey
Establishing a business in Turkey
Invest in Turkey
Moving to Turkey for commercial or business activities
Work in Turkey with a work permit
Marriage to a Turkish citizen
Being close to someone who has previously obtained a Turkish passport
He completed his studies in Turkey

4. Respect for national security and public order.
5. Be a responsible and reliable person.
6. Be able to speak a sufficient level of Turkish.
7. He has an income or profession to support himself/herself and his dependents in Turkey.

The files will be examined and interviewed, If the Committee agrees to your request, Send the file to the Ministry of the Interior.
The decision to acquire the passport is issued by the Ministry. If the decision is negative, The file is sent to the governor.

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Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship

Citizenship requirements in Turkey to apply:

  • original passport, And all other documents that prove the nationality of the applicant. or if the applicant is stateless, The documents that prove the statelessness of the applicant.
  • birth certificate.
  • Residence permit.
  • Documents confirming your first arrival in Turkey, The number of times you leave Turkey and all the times you live in Turkey. (stamp in passport, Original residence permit and photocopy).
  • in the case of marriage, Official documents confirming the identity and family ties of the spouse and all minor children. (marriage contract, Birth certificate for children).
  • If you have any Turkish relatives – a copy of Turkish ID and address in Turkey.
  • Income confirmation.
  • Certificate of the applicant’s ability to speak the Turkish language (a certificate will be issued by the Turkish Consular Section upon successful interview of the applicant).
  • 4 photos taken in the last month

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship Qualifications

Question: How to apply for a passport in Turkey ?
Answer: Turkish passport applications can be obtained by applying for the passport in Turkey to the governor of the place of residence in the country or to the foreign affairs office abroad which can only be done by applying in person or with a special authority of the lawyer. Applications submitted by e-mail are not accepted according to the citizenship policy of Turkey.

Question: How can I obtain a Turkish passport directly?
Answer: If you buy real estate(s) worth 250 thousand US dollars with the condition that they will be kept on your behalf for 3 years, You and your first-degree family will get the Turkish passport directly. This is the fastest way!

Question: How do I know at what stage the application process takes place after I submit my application for a Turkish passport?
Answer: You can get information about your latest situation from the official website of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey by entering the file number or identity information.

Question: Can I get information on the Turkish citizenship number for foreigners?
Answer: The identity card given to foreigners in the Republic of Turkey has 11 numbers and starts with 9.

Question: How long does the process of acquiring citizenship take?
Answer: The process is within a reasonable period of time between two and four months if all the documents required for the citizenship application are complete. Unlike that , Time varies if any information is missing.

Question: Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by relying on the mother or father?
Answer: According to Article 1 of the Turkish Nationalities Law No. 403, Turkish citizens born of a mother or father are entitled to obtain a Turkish passport.

Question: Is it possible to retain Turkish citizenship while retaining the citizenship of another foreign country?
Answer: Yes, If you meet the conditions required to obtain the passport of another foreign country, You can still keep your Turkish citizenship as well.

Question: Is it possible to obtain it by marrying a Turkish citizen?
Answer: After 3 years of marriage to a Turkish citizen and during your stay in Turkey, you can apply for a Turkish passport.

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