Turkish passport 2020

الجواز التركي واهم الميزات

Turkish passport 2020, Ranked as the most powerful passport ever, As it occupies an advanced place among the most powerful passports in the world, It is internationally recognized the status of the passport, or what is called the password, in all countries. The traveler cannot pass any country unless he possesses a passport of his country according to his nationality. If he possesses more than one nationality, he shall have more than one passport. He can enter it wherever he wants. Recent statistics have indicated in their latest update that the Turkish passport for the year 2020 is one of the most powerful passports ever. Because of the features it holds that make it distinct from other passports.

Turkish passport 2020, What is the most important feature in it?!

What the Turkish passport has is not possessed by most other passports, It is one of the best and most powerful passports for 2020. Where many people around the world resort to obtaining a Turkish passport because this passport has many characteristics and advantages that qualify it to compete with the most powerful passports of any kind, Among the most important of these characteristics that make the Turkish passport distinct from its peers from the point of view of foreigners, is that it is easy for them to obtain it in the simplest way, And that is through the foreign tourist buying an apartment or buying a property or several properties worth $250,000 and more. Thus, the Turkish citizenship is obtained and then the Turkish passport, This is according to Turkish law in granting citizenship to foreigners. Where the applicable law in the constitution indicates that any foreigner coming into the Turkish country has the right, Whatever his nationality and religion, owning Turkish real estate, Thus, he takes citizenship and then has the right to take a Turkish passport with ease and ease. In addition to that, the husband and wife, children and girls under the age of eighteen who benefit from Turkish citizenship, When a foreign investor obtains a Turkish passport, he can enjoy all the privileges granted to him as any Turkish citizen.

Advantages of the Turkish passport:

It is interesting about the Turkish passport, Is that it has several characteristics that qualify it to sweep the world arena against the strongest and best types of other passports, Also globally, Among these features that the Turkish passport has in his pocket, the following:

  • First, The Turkish passport holder can enter about 130 countries without resorting to obtaining an entry visa in advance, It is enough just to show the Turkish password.
  • Secondly, Anyone who owns a Turkish passport can get the visa or visa faster than others, Especially if his destination is Europe.
  • Third, As stipulated by Turkish law that whoever obtains Turkish citizenship, He can retain his mother’s nationality, That is, Turkish law cannot grant Turkish citizenship and take the mother’s citizenship from the same person.
  • Fourthly, Anyone who owns a Turkish passport can vote and vote and benefit from all his rights as an ordinary Turkish citizen, Even if he is a foreigner, in everything, Education, health, retirement and all things.

How to get a Turkish passport:

There are many ways to obtain a Turkish passport. But one of the most common and easy of these ways is to invest in obtaining Turkish citizenship, This is done through three methods:

  • first method, That the investor deposits about 500,000 US dollars or its equivalent in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.
  • second method, Securing job opportunities for at least 100 Turkish citizens in any investment project.
  • third method, To buy any type of real estate for 250 thousand dollars, It is considered the most popular by many.

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