Turkish passport extraction

استخراج جواز السفر التركي

The process of obtaining a Turkish passport is one of the most requested processes by foreigners and Arabs alike. Because the Turkish passport has the advantages it provides to its holder, whether these features are inside Turkey, which is to treat him in all facilities, facilities and institutions of the state as a Turkish citizen and benefit from all the services provided to the Turkish citizen without any difference between them, Or take advantage of the features it gives He has a Turkish passport when he travels abroad and to many foreign and Arab countries. Therefore, many are interested in knowing how to obtain a Turkish passport in the correct and proper way within the least possible time.

Why should you obtain and obtain a Turkish passport at the present time

At the present time, it is important for any Arab or foreign investor or even an ordinary citizen to try with all his might to obtain a Turkish passport because of the following important advantages:

  • Turkey is one of the countries with a small population compared to the rest of the European and Arab countries. At the same time, it is growing and developing in many fields and the focus of the entire world’s attention.
  • The Turkish passport is considered one of the very safe and powerful passports when used at the same time. Which allows entry to about 115 different countries in the world located in Europe, Asia, Africa, Arab countries and the entire Middle East with ease, It is also possible to enter about 77 of these countries without the need to obtain an entry visa.
  • A completely safe financial system that is protected from the risk of losing money, When paying the price of obtaining a Turkish passport, the holder must obtain it in all cases. There is absolutely no room for fraud and theft in Turkey.

How to obtain a Turkish passport

  • Book an appointment to go to the official government souls department responsible for documenting the civil registry of Turkish citizens and foreigners residing in Turkish territory, This is done through the Governmental Soul Department’s website on the Internet.
  • Pay the cost of obtaining a Turkish passport at one of the centers affiliated with the Turkish State Post PTT and take a payment receipt for the amount paid from the mail.
  • Go to the Department of Governmental Souls according to the appointment booked online and bring the following documents: ID card and a photocopy of it, Also bring 2 biometric photos. With the payment receipt obtained from the Turkish Post PTT, In addition to the official proof of residence document.
  • Fill out an application for a Turkish passport with the Soul Department and make sure that it is accepted by them.
  • Waiting for a period ranging from two to 30 days at the latest, The passport will be sent to the address proven by the address proof document that was registered while filling out the passport application.

The most important information about the Turkish Souls Department

It is an official government department in Turkey specialized in documenting the civil registry of Turkish citizens and foreign citizens residing in Turkey. As the population census in Turkey, knowing the number of newborns, Counting the number of deaths and keeping them updated, And to change the data of foreigners and Turks if necessary, And many other civil data related to Turkish citizens and foreigners residing in Turkey.

The Department of Souls offers the possibility of conducting many transactions through it, as follows:

  1. Registration of newborns born in Turkey and outside Turkey within the Turkish civil registry in the country.
  2. Carrying out registration of deaths in Turkey and recovering their personal identities from their families.
  3. Documenting divorce cases that take place inside or outside Turkish territory and including them in the constantly updated civil registry in Turkish territory.
  4. Issuance of personal identity and passport for Turkish citizens.
  5. Fixing the residence address in Turkey for Turkish citizens as well as foreigners residing in Turkey and constantly renewing it.

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