Turkish passport price 2020

الجواز التركي

The prices of the Turkish passport for the year 2020 differ from the rest of the previous years, The Turkish passport was classified as one of the most powerful passports in the world. And whoever gets it is as if he has got an egg of gold. It has many advantages, The price of the Turkish passport differs from other international passports in terms of price. For its part, the Turkish government imposed taxes on the Turkish passport in 2020, and not only this, but also driving certificates, traffic violations and tax on foreign phone as well. That’s an average of 22%.

Where the tax fee on the Turkish passport, which is valid for ten years, About 811 Turkish Lira, And an amount of about 133 Turkish liras is added to it instead of a passport. Thus, the final total becomes about 944 Turkish liras, a tax on the Turkish passport, And in 2020, these fees became, Approximately 156 TL.

Turkish passport price 2020:

  • The cost of the Turkish passport for 2020 for the first six months is: 208.8 fees + 160 book allowance total (368.8).
  • As for the cost of the Turkish passport for the year 2020 for a period of one year, it is approximately: 304.50 fees + 160 book allowance total (464.5).
  • The cost of the Turkish passport for 2020 for 2 years is approximately: 497 fees + 160 book allowance total (657).
  • The cost of the Turkish passport 2020 for three years: 705.9 fees + 160 book allowances. Total (865.9).
  • The cost of the Turkish passport 2020 for ten years: 995 fees + 160 book allowances. Total (1155).

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Advantages of the Turkish passport:

The opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport, One of the biggest opportunities you can have in your life. The greatest achievement you can ever achieve, This is due to the characteristics of the Turkish passport that make it unique and distinct from other passports, This is because you can have a lot of possibilities that make you a valuable person in the eyes of everyone you meet, Among these advantages of the Turkish passport are the following:

  • First, The Turkish passport holder can obtain all the same possibilities and advantages offered to Turkish citizens, He is considered one of them after obtaining a Turkish passport. The holder becomes a Turkish citizen even if he is not Turkish in origin. Where he can get job opportunities and can get treatment also in government hospitals, Private, as usual, but by paying a small nominal fee to the private hospital, because it differs in its system and treatment from the government hospital.
  • Secondly, can enjoy the benefits allocated to Turkish passport holders, It is according to what Turkish law stipulates in the Turkish constitution, which is that whoever possesses a Turkish passport, He can enter about 72 countries without obtaining a travel visa or an entry visa for these countries, These features do not end there. The Turkish passport holder can also enter about 42 others, but provided that an entry visa or visa is booked upon arrival at the airport in these countries, and not before coming to it, In addition to these features, there is another advantage that makes the Turkish passport a far-reaching advanced passport. Which is that the Turkish passport holder can travel to seven countries to another with the reservation of a visa or entry visa electronically via the Internet, in order to reduce the cost, trouble and hardship of the Turkish traveler.


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