Types of real estate in Turkey, many advantages and differences, what are they?

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The types of real estate in Turkey varied and distinguished in the real estate and investment market in Turkey. Owning apartments, whether in residential complexes or in regular construction, and owning luxury residential villas, is the most demanded by investors and Arab customers who prefer Turkey over their home country in buying villas and apartments due to the low prices of apartments in Istanbul in particular and the low prices of apartments in all states of Turkey. And the types of real estate in Turkey are many, distinct and competitive in the world, you can find them in this article.

Types of real estate in Turkey

Many Arabs buy real estate apartments and own property in Turkey for several purposes, including real estate investment and the development of their capital, and the other goal is to obtain Turkish citizenship and settle on Turkish lands, Due to the presence of aesthetic and tourist places and stunning natural landscapes that are not found in the Arab countries, where Turkey carries in its historical repertoire historical, archaeological and ancient Ottoman and beautiful places and has become the focus of attention of foreign and Arab tourists from coming to Turkey for several purposes, including medical tourism, recreational tourism, hiking and for the purpose of stability and this The most important purpose.

The Turkish government is also interested in supporting the real estate sector in a huge and large way and in several ways and offers many facilities and modifications that it offers to foreign and western investors in order to attract foreign capital and statures as it seeks to revitalize and develop the real estate sector and encourages investors to invest in Turkey, And when you want to buy a property in Turkey, you must study the region, city and state in which you want to own a property or to invest in real estate in this region. You have to study several factors before you buy an apartment for the purpose of investment or for the purpose of stability, and you have to know the types of real estate in Turkey and including them


What are the distinctive high-rise and comfortable penthouses? Penthouses are one of the types of real estate in Turkey. They are apartments that occupy the floors and upper floors of high-rise towers and residential complexes, most of the time. The apartments are the most luxurious because they provide comfort to their residents. The walls of the apartment from the outside are made of glass from 4 directions, which gives the apartment a giant, beautiful and distinct panoramic view that many investors are looking for, looking for comfort, luxury, stability, and a view of the city.

The penthouse apartment has distinct qualities that the upper floor of the high-rise tower belongs to you, Be completely free and luxurious. The luxury style is similar to stability and living in a villa above the clouds with a wonderful and distinct view, The idea of penthouses also formed in the twenties of the last century when economic growth brought a boom in construction within New York City, The high demand for urban living and the growing wealth of Americans led to the creation of luxury apartments on the upper floors, They have been named “penthouse” apartments according to Wikipedia.

Duplex apartments in Turkey

It is one of the types of real estate in Turkey. Duplex apartments are widely spread in Istanbul in particular and in Turkey in general due to the demand from Arab investors who are looking to settle in Turkey for the distinguished duplex apartments, Many foreign and Arab families, which consist of a large number of individuals, are looking for duplex apartments, It consists of two apartments with each other connected by an internal staircase between the lower and upper floors, and a duplex apartment is always located on the upper floor of the buildings and residential complexes. It contains more rooms, more bathrooms, and more salons than regular apartments.

The distribution of rooms in the duplex apartment is different from the rest of the other apartments, where in the first apartment there are bedrooms, and on the lower floor there are bathrooms and a living room.

Triplex apartments in Turkey

What are triplex apartments in Turkey? They are 3 apartments located on top of each other in the form of three residential floors connected to each other by an internal staircase, very similar to duplexes, but these are three floors, These apartments are suitable for large families. Their prices are reasonable compared to the prices of luxury and independent villas, which are preferred by many investors over villas.

Standard apartments

Ordinary apartments are one of the types of real estate in Turkey. The standard apartments are located in buildings or in residential complexes in Turkey. This type of apartments is widely available in Turkey. Ordinary apartments are the most popular for buying or renting, as they meet all tastes, as they vary from place where their sizes and styles vary. This incision is within reach, as its prices vary from place to place, according to location, view, and proximity.

Also, regular apartments in Turkey come in styles ranging from one room and a hall to 6 rooms and two halls. All of these patterns are reasonably priced and are the most popular type for real estate investors as they are found in various neighborhoods and residential complexes.

smart apartments

Smart apartments are one of the types of real estate in Turkey. They are fully functional apartments based on advanced technology in control. Smart homes do not differ in shape or structure from the homes we know, but are only homes that rely on technology completely and are managed and controlled through an application in your smart phone. It allows you, with one click, to control the simplest details of your home, such as lighting and electrical appliances, from TV screens and air conditioners to electrical kitchen appliances, doors and windows, as well as curtains, water taps, or even the temperature in the house

One of the most prominent advantages of owning a smart apartment in Turkey is the feeling of security and safety, in addition to significantly saving time and money, For more details about smart homes.

studio in Turkey

It is one of the types of real estate in Turkey. It is an apartment consisting of 30, 40 or 50 meters, consisting of only one room, including a bathroom, living room and kitchen. It is a small housing unit that is desirable for individuals, university students, singles and those looking for independence and comfort.

Studio apartments in Turkey are concentrated in residential areas or in areas located in the city center or adjacent to universities, Where these apartments are rented to students from outside and inside Turkey, They are well-deserved investment apartments, as they are easy to rent and are in great demand throughout the year.

Luxury villas in Turkey

Who does not know villas? These are the independent residential units that come with a spacious garden and their own gate, It is surrounded by a wall on all sides and comes in either two or three floors. It often comes with a private bathroom for each room. It is characterized by containing special recreational spaces such as the summer swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, in addition to the car garage and other services that may differ from one villa to another.

The villas occupy quiet locations on the outskirts of cities or in coastal areas. It is preferred by many Arab investors to acquire it in order to spend holidays in it.

home office

Office homes are widely spread in Istanbul, Some residential complexes are even constructing a tower dedicated to office homes, according to the wide demand for this type of apartments, Office homes are real estate units designated for various business and commercial activities. It often comes within high-rise commercial towers that are located in central areas and important business areas.

Office homes are one of the types of real estate in Turkey. Office homes in Istanbul are distinguished by their beautiful, lively designs that reflect the standards of luxury and extreme care that meet the requirements of VIPs. It introduces modern concepts that ensure convenience in workflow.

We recommend dealing with a real estate company that has great experience in real estate and offers a distinguished real estate opportunity. You can obtain one of the types of real estate in Turkey by communicating with real estate and investment companies that provide their services to many foreigners and many investors in the Arab world.

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