What is the best way to obtain permanent residence in Turkey?


Permanent residence in Turkey Obtaining permanent residence in Turkey has become, One of the most sought after endeavors by young people.
What gave it such importance? is their search for opportunities to work or live and settle in Turkey, which gives them a wide range of advantages, which made it a tourist attraction, or investment, or for study purposes.

Reasons for attraction in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that give investors, Lots of advantages around the world, So you find them tend to invest in it.

Turkey is distinguished by its cultural and historical wealth. its temperate climate, and its unique geographical location, Which makes it an attractive destination for lovers of travel and tourism.

It is well known that Turkey cares about education, And there are many universities that rank highly, globally, It is distinguished by the quality of its education. As it works to qualify graduates from its universities for the requirements of the labor market, by training them.

Turkey’s economic growth, An important factor of attraction in Turkey, In addition to the low cost of living in it compared to other developed countries, and availability of job opportunities..

All that was mentioned is a set of factors that show why many investors, and others in order to obtain permanent residence in Turkey, But before detailing the issue of permanent residence, You need to know in general about the types of residence permits that are granted to those who visit Turkey.

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Types of residence permits in Turkey

real estate residence, By buying a property in Turkey.

short term residence, It often goes up to 90 days with the purpose of tourism.

Residence permit for students to study in Turkey.

Residence permit for the family.

Permanent residence , It is obtained by those who have completed 8 years continuously in Turkey.

Conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey

The Immigration Laws Organization of Turkey has issued, A document that contains a set of conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey, It is these conditions.

Persons married to Turkish citizens.

Real estate owners and companies in Turkey.

Those who have already obtained a permit to work in Turkey.

The easiest way to obtain permanent residence in Turkey

The application process for permanent residence can include, set of steps, You need a set of important papers, But we will give you an idea of the shortest way to obtain permanent residence, Which:

One of his parents was Turkish, He has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, In accordance with Article 1, No. 403 of the Turkish Nationality Law.

Who passed on his marriage to a Turkish citizen, or Turkish citizenship for a period of up to 3 years, He has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, If it does not pose any danger to public security.

Documents required to apply for permanent residence in Turkey

No person can submit an application for permanent residence in Turkey unless a period of eight years has passed continuously in Turkey, So that it is not less than 184 days in each year.

Before going to apply for permanent residence, You need to prepare a set of papers, Which:

4 personal photo with white background.

valid passport, Not less than two years.

Proof of financial ability of the applicant, and provide for himself, and his family.

who do not have personal identification, and those who are minors, Their birth certificates are presented.

Parental consent for those under 18 years old, Or he may be replaced by a recognized legal representative.

Application form for obtaining permanent residence.

A copy of the previous residence permit.

A copy of a valid health insurance document.

A lease or ownership contract for a person to write down his address.

Permanent residence fees in Turkey for the year 2020

An amount of 83,000 Turkish liras for a residence permit card.

The amount of 52,000 pounds for the residence permit fee.

250 Turkish liras for documentation and translation fees of your documents.

An amount ranging from 150-700 Turkish liras for health insurance, The amount depends on the age of the person.

Children’s accommodation costs are half the costs of adults.

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