Investment opportunities in Istanbul’s Esenyurt

There are many investment opportunities available in the Esenyurt neighborhood of Istanbul, which has an area of 2770 square kilometers.

The population of Esenyurt region is 954,579 people, and most of them are youth.

This region was established and with an independent municipality on 3/22/2008.

. However, its urbanization process began in the nineteenth century.It was an agricultural area before that, and it exported agricultural crops to neighboring areas and countries.

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The location of Esenyurt

The Esenyurt region is located in the European Istanbul section. to the south of which is the E5 highway, and in the back are Avcilar, and Beylikduzu region.

Kucukcekmece Lake comes to the east of it (as it is considered the gateway to the 100th Istanbul Canal project).

On the west side is the Buyukcekmece Lake.

How far is Esenyurt from other regions

he distance between the Esenyurt area and the new Istanbul Airport is approximately 45 kilometers.
The distance between it and the shore of the Marmara Sea is approximately 3 kilometers.

The distance between Esenyurt and Taksim Square

Esenyurt has a very good transportation network, and its important and vital location, due to the fact that the E80 and E5 highways, which are known as highways that form Istanbul’s lifeline, pass through this vital area, which makes the process of reaching it easier and faster.

The distance from the neighborhood to Taksim Square is almost 31 km, and it can be reached within half an hour away from peak times,

and it can be reached within half an hour away from peak times, and about an hour and 20 minutes in case of using the metrobus, or other public transport.

Advantages of settling in the Esenyurt region

The Esenyurt region has become one of the most vital areas in recent years, due to a set of advantages which have turned the attention of investors to it, In addition to the natives, whether for residence purposes or as one of the investment methods.

Among the most important advantages of settling in Esenyurt are: :

  • Appropriate location, It is considered somewhat close to the center of Istanbul.
  • Real estate prices are acceptable and have a competitive value compared to other regions.
  • The rents for real estate are relatively low.
  • It has a group of facilities that provide services in abundance, in addition to good municipal services.
  • It is in a point close to both Beylikduzu and Basaksehir, which are two of the most modern and upscale areas of Istanbul.
  • There is a dynamic network of highways and connecting streets. and dynamic.
  • The Esenyurt area is known for the presence of cheap popular markets in it, in addition to the presence of a number of important commercial malls.

Shopping centers in Esenyurt

There are more than twenty huge malls, in addition to many popular markets.

The most important malls in the region are Torium Mall and Marmara Park, which are located on the E5 highway.

Among its most popular markets are Esenyurt Square and Thursday Bazaar.

Means of transportation in Esenyurt

through both the E5 and E80 roads are the lifeblood of Istanbul, and what distinguishes the Esenyurt area is the passage of the two roads from its northern and southern ends.

The metrobus passes on the E-5 road, and it is considered one of the important and fastest means of transportation, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it connects the Esenyurt area with the Asian section of Istanbul, smoothly and quickly.

The Esenyurt area is also close to the D100 road and the TEM road, which facilitates access to the area from the rest of Istanbul.

Currently, work is being done to reach a connection to the city center in a shorter time, by constructing the subway.

Advantages of investing in Istanbul’s Esenyurt

The presence of the large and growing numbers of modern residential complexes; the Esenyurt area has become one of the areas that attract everyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey, or investment or for the purpose of residence.

These complexes are a strong means of attracting investors, as the prices of apartments and real estate in them are acceptable.

It is considered a densely populated area, and it is located near important areas in the European section, such as Beylikduzu and Basaksehir.

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