Obtaining the Turkish citizenship for Syrians

Obtaining the Turkish citizenship for Syrians. According to the laws established in the Turkish constitution, the Turkish nationalities to foreigners who come to it is granted. But it is done within conditions, controls and laws set by the state in order to maintain its security and safety, and in order for others to abide by duties and grant them the rights they are due, as many of the arrivals, Arabs or Europeans, seek to obtain the Turkish nationality in order to enjoy the rights enjoyed by the Turkish citizen, and to obtain the privileges that Turkish citizenship gives them, from real estate investment, real estate purchase and transportation throughout the country and traveling freely without establishing a visa to many European countries, as well as entering the Schengen countries without a visa, and other features that distinguish Turkish citizenship. Also, in recent years, Turkey has canceled the reciprocity law that is represented in buying real estate without permanent ownership. In recent years this law has been canceled and granted them the right to own and buy real estate directly without defect as the original Turkish citizen. Turkey also facilitates the matter in obtaining Turkish citizenship, whether it is for Syrians or others, for the sake of the multiplicity of ways in which people obtain Turkish citizenship, as the laws set and the conditions set for obtaining citizenship are matters that can be easily achieved for those who wanted to take it and sought to obtain it. Also read: Procedures of citizenship in Turkey

How to obtain the Turkish citizenship

Certainly, the methods that Turkey has put in place in order to obtain citizenship for foreigners were all set up for all foreigners who want to obtain the Turkish nationality, regardless of their nationality, whether they are Arabs or non-Arabs. However, it is true that some advantages are specific to the Syrians, because it is considered that most Syrian immigrants forcibly left their country due to war, and Turkey was the first and most important destination and the country which embraced them in this tragedy. The most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship are:

  • Buying a property worth 250 thousand dollars in Turkey or its equivalent in other foreign currencies and keeping the property for a period of three years.
  • Depositing an amount in a Turkish bank of 500 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in other foreign currencies, and keeping the deposit for a period of three years in the bank.
  • Providing job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens.
  • Marriage to a citizen or a Turkish citizen.
  • Get citizenship by adoption. Turkish families adopt young minors under the age of eighteen, through which they obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Whoever has Turkish origins will obtain Turkish citizenship through those assets if the matter is proven.
  • Residency in Turkey for a period of eight continuous years without leaving it, and students’ study years are counted from the years of residence and they must complete the remaining years in order to obtain citizenship.
  • Adding to the fact that the Syrian residents obtain the Turkish citizenship for Humanitarian reasons

Additional privileges that are granted to Syrians regarding Turkish citizenship

In recent years, and after the increase of Syrian arrivals to Turkey after the suffering they experienced in their country and the wars they witnessed and which made them seek refuge in Turkey, which embraced them and sheltered them, it granted them Turkish citizenship so that they can easily live in the country and coexist with it. This way, they can also enjoy the rights enjoyed by the original Turkish citizen. This gives them the right to learn, work, invest, buy real estate, elections and vote. And for the sake of being able to live as if they are members of the state, so it granted them Turkish citizenship in a humanitarian way in order to help and support them and stand with them and support them, and made things easier for them more than others. The Turkish citizenship was granted to more than 1,800 Syrians in the past year only, and the same is continuing this year and in the future years as well.

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