Price of the Turkish passport

The Turkish passport is a document many seek to obtain so that they can benefit from the advantages and privileges that distinguish it and grant it to its holders. For instance, the holder of a Turkish passport can automatically obtain the Turkish citizenship, as well as the advantage of buying Turkish real estate with ease. The Turkish passport holder is also treated as the original Turkish citizen, as he enjoys all the rights that the Turkish citizen enjoys. Therefore, many investors and people strive to obtain it in order to enjoy the advantages and rights that the Turkish citizen and the Turkish passport are distinguished by. And the Turkish passport is distinguished by features that make him more desirable, as it enables its owner to enter 77 countries around the world without the need to obtain a visa, and also allows its holder to enter 22 Schengen countries by getting a visa more easily, and other countries that allow their entry to their lands by establishing a visa at the airport without the long legal procedures . Also, some countries allow the holder to enter their lands by creating an electronic visa, and therefore the Turkish passport is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world and its features make it more desirable by people, investors, tourists and others, in order to obtain and enjoy the rights and features that distinguish it.

Types of Turkish passport

The types of Turkish passport differ, so not all passports can be owned by all people, i.e. there are passports for some people or important and public figures and some of them can be obtained by the average citizen, and accordingly, the types of Turkish passport are:

  • The Turkish diplomatic passport, and it is the highest-valued passport in Turkey. It is owned by people of high places and high positions, as the head of state and his secretary, representatives of parliament, generals of the army, the president of the court and others with high positions.
  • The special Turkish passport, which is considered one of the highest passports and is granted to certain classes of people in the country and is granted to prominent employees in the government, such as university professors, and parliamentarians.
  • A passport for employees, which is a passport granted to state employees in particular, such as teachers and government professionals, and also granted to consular employees abroad.
  • Public Turkish passport, which is the passport that the rest of Turkish citizens obtain to be able to move and travel with ease.

These are the types of passports in Turkey, as each passport is specific to some people in terms of its strength. Read also: Stages of naturalization in Turkey

Prices of the Turkish passport

Passport prices differ in different types and the number of years the passport remains valid, so each choice of options according to the number of years has its own price, so when creating a passport, the number of years in which the Turkish passport will remain effective is determined, and accordingly it is extracted after that, and renewed Passport at the end of the number of years extracted for it, and accordingly, the price of the passport varies according to the number of years as follows:

  • جواز سفر لمدة ست شهور 170 رسوم 62 بدل دفتر.
  • One-year passport with a price of 44 fees + 132.62 book allowances.
  • A two-year passport with a price of 58 fees 132.62 book allowance.
  • A three-year passport with a price of 96 fees + 132.62 book allowances.
  • Ten-year passport priced at 66 fees + 132.62 book allowances.

Accordingly, the price varies according to the number of years for which a person will obtain a passport, so the more years the price increases, and accordingly, when obtaining the passport, the number of years in which the passport will remain in effect must be determined, and this law is followed in Turkey.

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