Procedures of citizenship in Turkey

This is considered one of the most important things that investors want to obtain through obtaining Turkish citizenship, because it is by agreement between European countries that it is allowed to enter a number of European countries without a visa, and this facilitates the matter of investment for people and investors in European countries. Read also: Price of the Turkish passport

How to obtain citizenship in Turkey

There are several ways that the Turkish state puts in place in order to allow the obtention of Turkish citizenship for foreigners, expatriates to reside in it, tourists, or others who want to acquire Turkish nationality.And these methods all lead to obtaining Turkish citizenship. So, those who want to obtain citizenship must do one of the following things:

  • Buying a residential real estate, house or apartment valued at $ 250,000 or more.
  • Depositing a sum of money in a Turkish bank of $ 500,000 or more, with the need to keep it there for a period of three years or more.
  • Providing job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens or more by business owners, whether they own a company, restaurant, or other workplace in which they work.
  • The marriage of a foreign or Arab woman to a Turkish citizen, or the marriage of a Turkish citizen to a foreign or Arab woman allows obtaining Turkish citizenship easily.
  • Residence in Turkey for a full eight years with no exit from it except for short periods not exceeding six months, and the student is counted for his university studies in Turkey, regardless of its duration, and he completes the residency for the remaining eight years to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Adopting a Turkish family for a foreign or Arab citizen up to the age of 18, and they are called the victors.
  • A foreign or Arab citizen who has Turkish origins, he must bring the necessary evidence for that in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • One of his family members holds Turkish citizenship.
  • Granted for humanitarian reasons, as Turkey did with the Syrians.

Stages of Turkish citizenship

In the process and stages of naturalization, a person must go through many steps that must be followed in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and these steps and stages for that are as follows:

  • Obtaining the certificate proving the amount of investment that the person who applied to obtain Turkish citizenship has, according to the following classifications:
  • Investors who have invested in an amount of $ 500,000 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies.
  • Investors who have invested by providing 50 job opportunities for Turkish citizens.
  • Investors who have invested by depositing an amount in a Turkish bank of 500 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
  • Investors who have purchased government bonds of $ 500,000 or the equivalent in foreign currencies.
  • Investors who have invested by purchasing a stake in the Real Estate Investment Fund with a value of at least $ 500,000.
  • Obtaining residency in Turkey.
  • Ultimately obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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