Profitable real estate investment ideas in Turkey

There are a lot of profitable investment ideas in Turkey, especially in the real estate field. In fact, real estate investment is considered one of the best investment opportunities in Turkey, due to the fact that this field is affected by the country’s economy and development activity to a large extent.
Turkey is one of the first options for investors in the region, and the most important field for investors to turn to is real estate It gives the investor a set of guaranteed results, and with little risk.

Most important investment ideas for profitable projects in real estate

  • Investing by purchasing an apartment and renting it out

This is a really fruitful idea in the current period, and one of the investment ideas that many investors tend to buy an apartment, and then rent it out.
It is a profitable idea, and it is in the interest of the investors, and has many advantages, which include the fact that the investor guarantees his capital, and that he begins to recover it from the first month of his rental for this apartment.
It is a certain profit for him, and in case he wants to recover his capital, then he has that by offering the apartment for sale, which could bring him a profit when the real estate prices are higher.
He can achieve this by following the market and real estate prices.

  • A purchase and construction project, with the aim of reselling or leasing

One of the most important areas for investment,specifically as a real estate investment, is buying a piece of land, in order to start the construction process on this land.
After that, the investor can sell the apartments that were built, and make a profit of his own, and what makes it preferred by many investors is the fact that the price of real estate is constantly increasing.
What remains for the investor, before starting the purchase or construction process, is to review all the technical specifications of that land.
And beware of any selling ads that may deceive you as an investor, and are not real. Seeing the land on the ground, xamining it and examining the surrounding areas is very important.
It would also be good for you to seek the assistance of consultants and specialized experts, in order to verify the condition of the soil and review the rest of the details related to the land.

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  • Buying an apartment with the aim of reselling it

This is another example of investment ideas as successful real estate projects. And if this project is compared to other real estate investment projects, it is the most successful of them, as it is known that it brings good profits.
Also, Turkey is currently witnessing a great turnout, and interest from those wishing to obtain citizenship or for the purpose of obtaining permanent residence in it.
And real estate investment in buying an apartment is one of the ways that lead to obtaining citizenship, and the person has an opportunity in the future to make a profit from reselling his apartment.

  • Buying commercial real estate, and renting it is one of the investment ideas

The shops are a strong investment trend, which is witnessing great demand, And these shops gave the economy in Turkey more recovery and vitality.

This has witnessed in the recent period comprehensive amendments, especially in removing many bureaucratic obstacles, some of which were minimized.
However, it is necessary when taking this step that the investor is familiar with a set of criteria for buying commercial stores in Turkey.
The most important thing that he should think about is choosing the right and appropriate location, so that you reach the ideal location will make it easier for you to benefit in the future in the process of renting these stores, and making them profitable and real investment ideas.
you can also resell these stores, and benefit from a profit in the event that the real estate price increases.
It is important to choose a place in a central market area, , and it witnesses a number of tourists to the area, and there is no harm in analyzing the environment well, and looking at the success of any converging projects in the same area.
The other thing is to look at the availability of transportation, metro lines, availability of services, and public facilities.

University housing projects are profitable investment projects

Investing in university housing for students is one of the most successful investment ideas for real estate projects in Turkey.
This is due to the large number of universities and institutes in all Turkish cities, which gives the idea of investing in the university housing project and students one of the profitable projects.
Many students do not prefer to stay in the university’s student accommodation, which may be overcrowded with a large number of students.


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