Real Estate residence permit in Turkey 2020

Turkey grants, within its laws, real estate residence permits to those investors who wish to apply for it, so that investors can enjoy some of the rights and privileges that Turkish citizens enjoy, such as facilitating transactions in Turkish official departments. The real estate residence also entails taking advantage of the possibility of real estate investment, buying and owning real estate and obtaining Turkish citizenship also, as Turkey grants real estate residency to investors legally within some of the required procedures and papers that they must fill out and hand over to the competent authorities.

How to obtain real estate residence in Turkey

There are procedures and steps that must be followed in order to obtain a real estate residence in Turkey. As the next investor, the expatriate, and the one who wants to obtain the real estate residence must know the rights and privileges of real estate residence that Turkish citizens obtain, you need to be aware of the steps for obtaining real estate residence:

  • Buying a property and obtaining a certified Tapu document.
  • Reserving an appointment to obtain real estate residency, and the need to choose the property to be owned in Turkey.
  • The appointment of the interview must be attended and the required documents and papers submitted at the Immigration Department building responsible for this type of transaction.
  • Pay the real estate residence fees in Turkey to the competent authorities to issue it.
  • The residence would then be awaiting approval from the Immigration Department, and the residence approval is then sent by Turkish post.

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Who is granted real estate residence in Turkey?

Turkey specifies, in particular, who owns the right to grant real estate residence, and it determines the persons who can obtain real estate residence through the purchase of the property. This residence permit is granted to these persons, which are:

  • The owner of real estate.
  • The landlord’s wife.
  • Children of the property owner under the age of eighteen.

But if a person is married to more than one wife, then real estate residency is granted to one wife only, and other wives are not granted that residence. The duration of the real estate residence in Turkey is from about one to two years, and after that it is renewed with the same steps in which the real estate residence is extracted, and it is renewed annually as long as the property is in the name of the same resident, and this is what distinguishes the real estate residence from the tourist residence, where the real estate residence is distinguished by being They are renewed annually and continuously, unlike the tourist residency, which is only renewed once after its issuance, so many people prefer to obtain real estate residency rather than tourist residency, as it is considered one of the most important types of residency that investors seek to buy real estate and apartments for Obtained.

When is real estate residency not granted to investors?

Generally speaking, real estate residency is granted to all investors. But in the event that these investors are from a group of countries that are not entitled to obtain this residence because of reciprocity, such as Syria for example, the the permit is not granted. There also are some countries and nationalities which do not allow Turkish residents to own property. The real estate residence is indeed a residence that Turkey grants to investors coming to it in order to invest and buy real estate inside Turkey. As by granting them this residence, it facilitates them to deal with legal and investment papers or deal with the state with papers and transactions, or dealing with other investors. By granting them this residence, it makes the matter easier and clearer in the papers and transactions, and the person becomes like the original Turkish citizen in his dealings and transactions, and this makes it easier for the state to deal with the foreign investor who obtained real estate residence.

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