Stages of naturalization for Syrians in 2020

The stage of naturalization for Syrians is one of the important stages that concern Syrians specifically, because obtaining Turkish citizenship is tantamount to permanent residency for them in Turkey. The Turkish government has taken a decision to grant Syrian refugees to its country Turkish nationality to alleviate their suffering after the devastating war they were exposed to in Turkey. Their country for many years after the Syrian revolution in 2011 AD, which everyone followed its events moment by moment, so Turkey was the country most Syrians resorted to because its borders are close to the borders of Syria and considered adjacent to it, there are many laws that have been put in place for foreigners and Arabs in general in order to obtain Turkish citizenship Which also applies to the Syrians who came to Turkey to work there.

Conditions for the naturalization of Syrians inside Turkey

The Turkish government has set several conditions for the naturalization of Syrians within its territory, which means that they obtain Turkish citizenship, and these laws apply to all foreigners and Arabs as well without exception and are not specific to Syrians even after the special humanitarian privileges they obtained due to their exceptional circumstance, but the same laws apply to everyone, Among these laws are the following:

  • Carrying out a purchase process for a full residential property or apartment in any region of Turkey, provided that the value of this residential property or apartment is $ 250,000 or so, after the price of the property to be purchased is not less than $ 1,000,000.
  • Making a deposit of a sum of $ 0.5 million, or $ 500,000, leaving this deposit effective within the bank and not withdrawing it for a period of 3 years or more, and after the expiration of this period, the person holding the deposit can easily obtain Turkish citizenship in his name.
  • Residency and continuously staying inside Turkish territory for a full 8 years and not leaving for long periods, so it is possible to leave for a period not exceeding 6 months and then return again, and it is calculated from within the 8-year period required to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the study period for international students to Turkey is among the 8 years and has to complete the remaining 4 years inside Turkey.
  • The marriage of a Syrian youth to a Turkish citizen, or vice versa, the marriage of a Syrian woman to a Turkish citizen.
  • Young Syrians under the age of eighteen who are called adoptive minors live with Turkish families, which gives them Turkish citizenship directly as soon as the Turkish families who adopt them sign the notification decision and ratify it by the official authorities.
  • Proving the Syrians with documents and conclusive evidence that do not accept suspicion that they have Turkish origins, whether from the side of the father, grandfather, grandmother, or others from their family, makes them obtain Turkish citizenship directly without restrictions.
  • For the Syrian employer or company that he opened in Turkey to employ 50 Turkish people, he becomes authorized to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Granting Turkish citizenship without conditions to some Syrians from a humanitarian standpoint every month, according to the difficult humanitarian conditions they faced in their country after they proved this matter with the state and convincing rational proofs.

Some of the rights that Syrians obtain from Turkish citizenship

Syrians obtain many rights once they obtain Turkish citizenship, including the rights enjoyed by Turkish citizens within the borders of Turkey, and among these rights: the right to free education as the Turks, the right to free health insurance and free treatment in Turkish hospitals as well, and the right In the election and voting for the candidate he wants, the right to express an opinion even if it is criticizing the performance of the government or the president’s work, as well as the right to invest and buy real estate of all kinds, as well as the right to travel and move within and outside the borders of Turkey, just as Turkish citizenship allows Syrians to enter most European countries without The need to create a visa to enter. Read also: Turkish passport price

Stages of naturalization for Syrians

The granting of citizenship or naturalization for Syrians passes through several stages, after which Syrians obtain citizenship, and this is according to the laws and controls that Turkey puts on Syrian expatriates who want to obtain Turkish citizenshipthrough several stages:

  • Registration of the application and approval of the Turkish government
  • Send the file to the Special Directorate to study the file
  • The sent file is first checked
  • After that, the stage of comprehensive and comprehensive scrutiny and archiving begins, and the file is transferred to the competent authorities for evaluation, and it is considered the most important stage of naturalization of people. It is also considered the longest stage in the naturalization process and takes months before moving to the next stage.
  • Submitting the file sent to the naturalization stage for approval by the Council of Ministers.
  • . At this stage, the decision is made for naturalization
  • The last stage is the issuance of the decision to the party in which the file was submitted, thus obtaining naturalization and enjoying the rights of Turkish citizenship.

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