The papers required for the Turkish citizenship


Obtaining Turkish citizenship first means obtaining the papers required for it, and then submitting this application to the competent authorities in Turkey. It is not possible to obtain citizenship For a long time, and since Turkey has become one of the developed economic countries, it has attracted investors from all over the world to invest their money inside their lands, so all foreigners seek to obtain Turkish citizenship by all available methods.

What is naturalization?

Naturalization is a term given to a person or group of people who have acquired the nationality of one of the countries to which they have traveled for the purpose of permanent residence and stability, just like the citizens of those countries, in addition to keeping the nationality of the country of origin from which they came. All countries in the world grant their nationality to foreigners residing on their lands according to certain conditions and identification papers that they request from foreigners.In addition, the foreigners are required to go through many procedures necessary to obtain citizenship, with payment of certain fees in order to obtain it. Among the countries that grant their nationality to foreigners residing on its territory is the Republic of Turkey. This country is characterized by a lifestyle that combines tradition and modernity at the same time, with the multiplicity of types of climate in it, which helped it to be the focus of attention of foreigners and create competition for everyone to obtain its nationality.

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Papers required for the Turkish citizenship

The naturalization process in Turkey requires many documents to prove the identity of the person wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship and reside in Turkey for a period of time that may be several years, and these identity papers in general include the following:

  • A special document called Vat-3, which is obtained from the place designated for applying for Turkish citizenship.
  • A certified and translated copy of the passport of the applicant for citizenship. And if the person does not have a homeland or a passport indicating his or her exact country, they must prove this matter in the way they see suitable to the competent authorities.
  • A document containing all the applicant’s personal information certified and translated by a Turkish notary.
  • A document containing the civil status of the applicant, certified and translated by the Turkish notary, clarifying whether he is married or not, with all documents of the spouse and children in case they are married.
  • A medical report proving that he or she is free from diseases that cause infection and pose a threat to the community.
  • A certificate of proficiency in the Turkish language to the extent that helps him integrate in the society. And in the event that it is not available, they must enroll in a Turkish language course and obtain certificates of completion of learning the Turkish language, and then return to apply for citizenship again.
  • A work permit document is submitted to the authorities concerned with issuing Turkish citizenship, which shows his ability to support himself and work properly and confirm that he is physically and mentally free from any disabilities that prevent the completion of the work in the required manner.
  • A document showing the birth of children outside Turkey under the age of 18, certified and translated by a Turkish notary. In the event that these children were born in Turkey, it is sufficient to present the birth certificate obtained from the hospital, in addition to the birth certificate obtained from the Municipality.
  • The applicant for Turkish citizenship must have a residence permit for at least 3 years starting from the moment he submits the application for citizenship, taking a copy of each page of the residence inside the residence book, all certified by the Turkish notary.
  • In the event that the person applying for citizenship was involved in a legal dispute, he must present the penalty decision document issued by the competent court.

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