What are the most famous international ports in Turkey?

Turkey is located between two continents such as Europe and Asia, so you find that the country has many important international ports for trade, which is an important factor for everyone who thinks to invest in Turkey. In this article, you can find information about Turkey’s international ports.

Turkish trade and tourism ports

The Port of Mersin

  • Important cargo and passengers are located in Mersin.
  • It is the largest port in the country by container volume.
  • Completed in 1958, its construction began in 1954.
  • It was put in operation, and was renovated with all its facilities, in the modern sense in 1962.
  • Along with being one of the modern marinas, it is one of the important ports in the Mediterranean.It is the main import and export gateway to the Turkish Central Anatolia region, the Mediterranean region and the southeastern Anatolia region.
  • t is also the transit center for the countries of the Middle East, containing 48 berths, which can load and unload approximately 60 ships at the same time according to their size.

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  • It was built in Tekirdag and put into operation in 2015.
  • Asiaport is the first transit container port in Turkey.
  • Its total depth is 2010 to 18 meters.
  • The area of the station is 300,000 square meters.
  • It is the second largest port in the country by container volume.

Ambarli Port

  • Its main purpose is the loading of goods, and it is located in Istanbul.
  • It is considered one of the largest ports in the country in terms of container volume.
  • It can also be used as one of the transport ports for goods destined for the Black Sea ports.
  • Work on it began in 1994, and it is the first private port in Istanbul.

The Port of Trabzon

  • The port of Trabzonis the second largest port in the country.
  • It is located in Trabzon Province with an average depth of 2.5 meters to 10 meters.
  • Its construction was completed in 1954 and services commenced in the same year.
  • It is located at a strategic point at the beginning of the transit route of Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Central-Asian republics.
  • It plays a major role in connecting these countries to all European and global markets.

The Port of Samsun

Also known as “Samsunport”, it is the largest port in the Black Sea region It is the only port with a railway line in the Black Sea. It has a large remote area. It is a stopping point for loads coming from Anatolia or bound for Anatolia. The area of the station is 445,000 square meters, and the total berth length is 1756 meters.

The Port of Izmir

  • Alsancak Port is located east of the Gulf of Izmir.
  • It is for freight and passengers.
  • It is the seventh largest port in the country in terms of container volume and the thirteenth in terms of cargo tonnage.
  • Its construction began in 1955,
  • and it went into operation in 1959
  • It covers an area of 902,000 square meters.
  • The Izmir Bay Improvement Project is on the agenda so that the port can use larger ships.

The Port of Iskenderun

  • It is located in the Turkish city of Hatay, and is one of the most important commercial ports in Turkey.
  • Taking into account the railway connection, the state railways in the Republic of Turkey later expanded with additional facilities built in several years.
  • There are 8 berths
  • The general cargo berth is 732 meters long and the container berths are 920 meters long.

The Port of Istanbul

  • It is one of the tourist and commercial ports, and one of the most important in Turkey. It is located in European Istanbul, on the Bosphorus.
  • It is operated by Turkish Maritime Lines.
  • Its construction started in 1892 until it was developed over time.
  • It contains two terminals, the first for shipping goods and the second for transporting passengers, consisting of three halls, in order to be able to handle the large number of tourists.
  • It has a bus stop with an area of 5000 square meters and a capacity for 200 tour buses.

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