Why do foreign investors prefer Trabzon?

In recent years, the volume of foreign investment has increased day by day in Turkey, and Trabzon is one of the most preferred cities in the country. In particular, foreign investors from Middle Eastern countries have begun to take an interest in Trabzon. Today, Trabzon is flooded with foreign tourists who want to explore the famous Uzungol lake and Sumela Monastery. Foreign tourists have shown increased interest in owning a property by being influenced by the beautiful nature in Trabzon, where they came for sightseeing purposes. We hope you read our article about the reasons why foreign investors prefer Trabzon to invest in real estate.

Why do foreign investors buy real estate in Trabzon?

Trabzon offers the lowest price per square meter equivalent, according to the real estate market in Turkey, due to the fact that the entire region has not yet reached saturation in the housing market. There is also an enormous amount of land suitable for housing construction, which is seen as a factor in driving down prices. Therefore, Trabzon has attracted the attention of foreign investors who want to invest in medium and long-term properties. Foreigners who want to buy real estate with high returns consider Trabzon an excellent place.

Opportunities to obtain citizenship by investment

The Turkish real estate market began to witness substantial growth with the new Turkish citizenship law that came into effect in 2018. This arrangement has attracted the attention of foreigners from all over the world, especially foreign investors from the Middle East. The most important reason for this is the difference from many other countries that have a similar application for approving the duration of citizenship. But obtaining it by investing in Turkey is much easier and faster. Foreigners who buy real estate must keep their investment properties for only three years. The fact that conditions are very comfortable has enabled many countries from all over the world to attract Turkish citizenship applications.

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Foreign exchange rate advantage

Another big attraction for many real estate investors from different countries is the lucrative exchange rate. The average currency in USD currently ranges between 8 and 9 TL for 1 USD. According to experts, the foreign exchange rate will be a great advantage for foreign investors in Turkey.

The advantage of easy selling in Trabzon

An experienced real estate expert reminds investors that they must always assess the market liquidity to purchase the right property. Because it may come a time when the investment has to be converted into cash again. Trabzon, Turkey for foreign investors who participate in one of the most popular markets for international home buyers with high liquidity. With the addition of local investors, Trabzon has an excellent market for smart investment.

Cultural similarities

This city has gained great popularity thanks to the many foreign investors from the Gulf countries. The reason for this is that the coastal resorts in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas mostly attract Europeans. Trabzon, which has a conservative look, shares the family structures of foreign investors from the Middle-East. Its traditional cuisine and nightlife are culturally similar to these countries.

Unique natural atmosphere

With its city center and villages, it offers unique nature and untold views. The interior parts of Turkey host some of the most beautiful landscapes stretching over the Kachkar Mountains. Plateau culture is generally seen as an integral part of life, and surrounded by green hills, Uzungöl makes a great contribution to tourism with its wonderful atmosphere. It gives its visitors perfect holidays, and foreign investors, who want to fully experience these sights, prefer Trabzon for this reason.

Luxurious residences

There are separate private villas in Trabzon’s property market with sea views that attract the attention of foreign investors. The architecture, which usually includes private landscaped gardens and a single or communal pool, is usually designed to take advantage of the views surrounding the ceiling-to-floor windows, balconies, and large terraces. Separate kitchens and open-plan living and dining rooms attract attention. It also includes facilities such as luxury residences from one to five bedrooms and facilities such as gyms, sauna, Turkish bath and swimming pools. It is for these reasons that this wonderful city attracts the attention of foreign investors, especially those who have large families and luxurious lifestyles.

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